See Ohio First

With a trip to the Civic Tourism III conference coming up this week, my thoughts have been focused on helping conferees from other states think about Ohio as more than a fly-over state. But it seems to me that Ohioans don’t always remember that our home state is chock-full of perfect places to visit and linger during the hot days of August.

A trip to the bookstore, virtual or real, offers bunches of trip ideas; there are guides for ghost chasers, antique collectors, butterfly buffs. One of my favorite Ohio travel writers is Neil Zurcher. A Cleveland personality, Neil has compiled the best of his TV series, “One Tank Trips,” in a three-volume collection of driving tours. The last one of the series should appeal to everyone – One Tank Trips: Road Food. Organized by food stuffs – diners, ice cream, the best hamburger – thirty-five close-to-home tours cover the range of Ohio’s culinary delights. Hungry for a perch sandwich? Go to Tour 98. Hankering for potato chips? Tour 109 highlights Ohio’s best, with factory tours and warm samples. Along the way, Neil tells us a bit about the history of potato chips, fishing in Lake Erie, and cheese-making throughout our dairy regions.

A great booster of Ohio places, Neil has written several guides to help you explore the state. Neil’s tours will take you away from the interstates to experience the charms found only on our byways. Whether you favor aviation, fine art, or artisan food, Neil’s guides are sure to suggest some memorable trips just a short trip away.

You can follow Neil’s rambles at http://onetanktrips/

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