Black Swamp Bird Observatory

13551 W State Route 2
Oak Harbor , OH 43449

409-898-4070   |
Open Friday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., see website for seasonal hours

Birding at BSBO

Northern Ohio’s preserved wetlands have a rich history and a unique wildlife habitat that visitors can interpret and enjoy, when they visit the Black Swamp Bird Observatory.

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory is located in Magee Marsh Wildlife Area; its mission is researching and educating about the species of birds found in Ohio’s marsh land. By raising public awareness, BSBO turn promotes the conservation of wetlands and economic development by hosting the Biggest Week in American Birding every May. Like the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge visitor’s centers, BSBO offers visitors resources and guide materials they can use when exploring the John Gallagher Memorial Birding Trail, which is located behind the BSBO visitor’s center. The trail is relatively short, but there is no shortage of wildlife or natural beauty to take in. Inside the visitor’s center is the Anna Mikolajczyk Window on Wildlife which provides visitors the opportunity to discover and experience the wetland’s wildlife from inside and foster an appreciation for birding.

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Additional Resources

Great Black Swamp Woods & Wanders: Nature’s Jewels in Northwest Ohio, Jim Mollenkopf.

The Late, Great Lakes: An Environmental History, William Ashworth.