Anna-Dean Farm

248 Robinson Ave
Barberton, OH 44203-0666

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Barber's Utopian Farm

The Anna-Dean Farm was a large experimental farm built by O.C. Barber, founder Barberton, Ohio and owner of the Diamond Match Company.

The Anna-Dean Farm was a large experimental farm built by O. C. Barber, founder of Barberton and owner of the Diamond Match Company. After buying 3,500 acres of land outside of Barberton, Barber began construction of the farm in 1907 and spared no expense. His goal was to create the finest and most self-sufficient farm in America aligned with the best scientific practices of the day. By 1912 several of the most important farm buildings had been established including Barn No.1, the Colt Barn, Barber Creamery, the Barber Machine Barn, and the Piggery. The crowning jewel of the farm was the 52-room Italian Renaissance house where Barber spent much of his time towards the end of his life. At its peak, the Anna-Dean Farm produced fertilizer, milling flour, cereal and decorative concrete work for wide distribution. Unfortunately, the farm’s high production costs and the death of O. C. Barber in 1920 led to much of the Anna-Dean Farm being sold or demolished. The Barberton Historical Society has succeeded in preserving and restoring six of the original buildings.

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Notes for Travelers

Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds at any time. An annual walking tour is offered in May. For information about the farm, visit the website of the Barberton Historical Society or call 330-830-1444.