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Murray City Depot

The museum at the Murray City Coal Depot is dedicated to the history of Murray City’s coal mining industry.

The Murray City Coal Depot is a museum dedicated to the history of Murray City’s coal mining industry. Inside, visitors will find a collection of photographs, documents, memorabilia, and tools from Murray City’s coal mines. The Depot was restored in the early 2000’s to resemble what it would’ve looked like in the town’s heyday.

Part of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds micro-region, Murray City was incorporated in 1883 and became a popular stop on the Hocking Valley Railway. The Depot was used to ferry passengers and coal along the railway, reaching as far as Columbus. Murray City sprouted up due to the burgeoning coal industry. Companies like the Sunday Creek Coal Company built mines within and around the town. These mines created ample work for the citizens of Murray City as well as anyone who came looking for a job.

Incorporated shortly before the Great Hocking Valley Strike of 1884-1885, Murray City was one of many towns to participate in the labor movement. Some Murray City residents were members of the Knights of Labor, and went on to join the United Mine Workers of America. As the coal mines receded, so did the railways. The Depot saw its last trains in the 1950’s and fell into disrepair.

The Depot is managed by the Murray City Improvement Committee, which has collected artifacts from both the coal mines and the train depot, including tools, tickets, wage stubs, cash registers, and telephones. A film from the 1930’s demonstrates what life was like in the prospering town.

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Notes for Travelers

The Depot is family-run, so please call ahead to schedule your visit.


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