Shawnee Lookout

2008 Lawrenceburg Road
North Bend, Ohio 45052 At this address

513-941-0120   |
Dawn to Dusk
$5 for a day parking/ admission pass, or $10 for an annual pass

Shawnee Lookout

An archeological site in the 1960s and listed on the National Register of Historical Places, Shawnee Lookout offers resources to learn about the Native Americans and white settlers who lived in the area next to the Great Miami River.

Shawnee Lookout includes a small museum that discusses evidence found by archeologists around the earthworks and the Woodland peoples who lived in the area. Situated between the rivers and hillsides, this land was an attractive settlement site. The museum includes a display of various tools, pottery, and a model of Hopewell housing. Throughout the 1,515-acre park, over thirty mounds are accessible via the road or trails as well.

In addition to the Native American heritage sites, the park includes historic buildings from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. One of these is a log cabin originally built in Elizabethtown, Ohio around 1795 by Micajah Dunn, a son of a revolutionary war soldier. The other early nineteenth century building is the Spring House School that was used well into the mid-nineteenth century. The park often offers public educational events around these homes about nineteenth century Ohio.

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Kristen Fleming