A Clothesline of Quilts: The Adams County Quilt Barn Trail - Southern Loop

In 2000, when friends and neighbors offered to hang a huge quilt block on the tobacco barn behind her house in honor of her mother, Donna Sue Groves immediately realized the potential of the art project. At her urging, the group created the first quilt barn trail across Adams County. On this driving tour, barn owners and historians share ideas about Appalachian heritage, the rural landscape, and the traditional craft of quilting. The trail begins at the Moyer’s Winery near Manchester, follows the Ohio River and turns north toward Seaman. Please remember that these barns are located on private property and should be viewed from public roads. Don’t forget to exercise caution if you stop to take pictures of the barns. This tour was made possible by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

This is where it all began – a national community art project that since its beginning in 2001 has spread to more than 40 states and into Canadian provinces. As you drive the winding roads of Adams County to view the quilt barns, you’ll not only be driving through the lush hills of western Appalachia Ohio, this tour will share the stories of the people behind the idea of quilt barns. For this tour, producer Sandra Sleight-Brennan has included interviews with founder Donna Sue Groves whose inspiration to honor her quilt-making mother with a single trail led to the creation of a Clothesline of Quilts across the nation.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Lemon Star at Moyers Winery
  • Lemon Star, Moyers Winery

Track 2

Along Route 52
  • 3859 US Route 52

Track 3

Sawtooth Star,
  • Sawtooth Star, 13441 US Route 52

Track 4

Pineapple Star
  • Pineapple Star, 1069 State Route 247

Track 5

Lemoyne Star
  • Lemoyne Star, 1450 State Route 247

Track 6

Snail’s Trail
  • Snail's Trails, 3318 Germany Hill Road

Track 7

Triple Ohio Stars
  • Triple Ohio Stars, 250 Reed Cemetery Road

Track 8

Ohio Star
  • Ohio Star, 2345 State Route 247

Track 9

Windmill Square
  • Windmill Square, 46 Beasley Fork Road

Track 10

Adams County Heritage Center

Track 11

Shoo Fly
  • Shoo Fly, 9299 State Route 247

Track 12

Lone Star
  • Lone Star, 3306 State Route 137

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