Minerals, Mining, and Reclamation

Lured by Ohio's wealth of natural resources, companies built towns along old Route 33. This tour takes you from Pomeroy to Lancaster, passing through historic company towns and the Wayne National Forest, which was forested by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Please note, "Talking Forest Trail" featured on Track 3 is no longer available.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1


Track 2

Begin at Main and Court Street in Pomeroy GPS: 39.027065, -82.033347
  • Riverside Amphitheater
  • Meigs County Fairgrounds

Track 3

Begin at Routes 33 and 833 GPS: 39.057885, -82.017316

Track 4

Approaching Athens on Route 33 GPS: 39.304120, -82.102476

Track 5

Begin at Route 33 and SR 550 GPS: 39.360839, -82.106920

Track 6

Continue on Route 33 to Nelsonville
  • Hocking Canal Lock 19 Haydenville
  • Nelsonville Town Square
  • Suart's Opera House

Track 7

Continue on Route 33 to the Haydenville Exit GPS: 39.492894, -82.330264

Track 8

Continue on Route 33 into Logan GPS: 39.534758, -82.404926 or follow audio directions to Old Route 33

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