Where North Meets South

Ohio is a state of regions defined by the settlement patterns of families moving west from the original thirteen colonies. Traces of New England families and Virginia planters can be seen on the landscape even today. Those regional preferences are very apparent along State Route 23 as it traverses central Ohio. On this tour, producer Sam Hendren points out the signs of who settled what part of the state as travelers drive north to south on Route 23.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Start at Intersection of SR 23 and SR 95 40.581331; -83.076931

Track 2

At the Intersection of Mount Vernon Avenue and Vernon Heights Boulevard 40.580452; -83.111325

Track 3

At the Intersection of SR 23 and SR 95, heading south 40.581331; -83.076931

Track 4

SR 23 and North Sandusky Street, Delaware 40.299599; -83.068128

Track 5

SR 23 and South Sandusky Street, Delaware

Track 6

SR 23, at the exit for Perkins Observatory 40.25138; -83.05966

Track 7

Exit Josephinum Pontifical College, south on High Street 40.12054; -83.02284

Track 8

Driving through Clintonville on North High Street 40.048645; -83.020487

Track 9

Driving through the Short North district to the Ohio Statehouse 39.98789; -83.00558

Track 10

Leaving Capitol Square, at South High and State Streets

Track 11

Intersection of SR 23 and I-270: 39.887404; -82.999141

Track 12

On SR 23 at CR 316, turnng toward Ashville: 39.7184; -82.9868

Track 13

Leaving the Small Town Museum in Ashville: 39.713905; -82.953391

Track 14

Start just south of Circleville on SR 23; 39.591971; -82.94995

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