Paths to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in Ohio

Host Meg Hanrahan begins this tour in Cincinnati and follows the scenic Ohio River to Ripley, tracing the border between bondage and freedom. The tour winds through several towns where residents provided safe haven to African Americans escaping north on the Underground Railroad.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Beginning in Cincinnati and heading East on US 52 GPS: 39.095920, -84.510363

Track 2

New Richmond's Front Street GPS: 38.964206, -84286438
  • Former Home of Rev. George C. Light
  • Former Home/Office Dr. John Rogers

Track 3

Leaving Front Street and turning left to follow Washington Street North GPS: 38.949973, -84282922
  • Cranston Memorial Presbyterian Church

Track 4

Heading East on US 52 through Point Pleasant GPS: 38.941760, -84.272093

Track 5

Driving toward Moscow on US 52 GPS: 38.893974, -84.233053

Track 6

Traveling through Moscow on Water Street GPS: 38.856259, -84.231654

Track 7

Leaving Moscow on US 52 and passing through Neville GPS: 38.855419, -84223932

Track 8

Leaving Neville and traveling through Chilo on US 52 GPS: 38.803668, -84.195128
  • Edgington Indian Mound
  • Captain Anthony Meldahl Lock and Dam

Track 9

Leaving Chilo and traveling on US 52 through Utopia GPS: 38.793417, -84.131266
  • Utopia Historical Marker

Track 10

Traveling from Utopia to Ripley on US 52 GPS: 38.780270, -84.014466

Track 11

Driving through Ripley on US 52 GPS: 38.754587, -83.853156

Track 12

Traveling West through Ripley toward Cincinnati GPS: 38.745633, -83.845097
  • First Presbyterian Church of Ripley

Track 13

Traveling West on US 52 in Ripley GPS: 38.748347, -83.846915

Track 14

Return to Cincinnati by following US 52 West GPS: 38.751822, -83.849643

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