Natural Ohio: Lake and Woods

Follow host Greg Tye as he takes you west along State Route 2 from the shores of Sandusky Bay to the edge of the region's last remnants of the Great Black Swamp. Explore sites along one of Northwest Ohio's most scenic roadways and Lake Erie's coast. The tour blends natural history with the history of the area's settlement and development, offering insights into how the region has evolved over time.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Traveling West through Sandusky on US 6 GPS: 41.433905, -82.662434

Track 2

Driving along Sandusky Bay on Water Street GPS: 41.460604, -82.703005
  • Battery Park

Track 3

Traveling to State Route 2 from US 6 in Sandusky GPS: 41.454354, -82.712808

Track 4

Traveling East through Marblehead Peninsula and Johnson's Island GPS: 41.462216, -82.828294

Track 5

Travel by Ferry to Kelleys Island GPS: 41.540621, -82.729063

Track 6

Driving West along State Route 163 on Marblehead Peninsula GPS: 41.540621, -82.729063
  • Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve

Track 7

Leaving Marblehead Peninsula along State Route 163 GPS: 41.532046, -82.798217

Track 8

Traveling West on State Route 2 through Ohio's Marsh Region GPS: 41.526410, -83.012882

Track 9

West along State Route 2 through Oregon GPS: 41.638269, -83.370594

Track 10

Traveling through Southwest through Toledo GPS: 41.636318, -83.518423

Track 11

Oak Openings Region GPS: 41.574814, -83.985987

Track 12

Traveling West through Delta along State Route 2 GPS:41.574814, -83.985987

Track 13

Traveling into Archbold on State Route 2 GPS: 41.573589, -84.134456

Track 14

Driving through Archbold leaving State Route 2 GPS: 41.543344, -84.303154

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