Industrial Ohio: Steel and Rubber

Canals throughout the state helped expand Ohio's early economy by providing farmers and manufacturers with the means to efficiently ship goods to markets in the east. Follow along with Mark Urycki on a tour of the scenic Ohio Canal Byway and learn about the towns and industries that developed along the Ohio and Erie Canal.

Follow the orange and blue byway signs.

The Akron Toy Museum has moved since the recording of this podcast.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Begin at Fort Laurens GPS: 40.6390252, -81.4570813

Track 2

Canal St. and Wooster St. GPS: 40.724595, -81.528710

Track 3

First and Lincoln Way in Massillon GPS: 40.796195, -81.524379

Track 4

McKinley Monument at Waterworks Park in Canton GPS: 40.806348, -81.393205

Track 5

North St. in Clinton GPS: 40.928357, -81.629519

Track 6

Rt 224 to George Washington Blvd. GPS: 41.028192, -81.462077
  • Akron Fulton Municipal Airport
  • Old Rubber Bowl
  • See Akron Fulton Airport, former Goodyear Air Dock, Old Rubber Bowl football field, and Derby Downs
  • Derby Downs
  • Wingfoot Lake

Track 7

Rt 224 and Manchester Rd. GPS: 41.029926, -81.546774

Track 8

Cascade Park, North Howard St. and North St. GPS: 41.090904, -81.516476

Track 9

Rt 303 Downton Peninsula, between Riverview and Akron Peninsula Rd. GPS: 41.241526, -81.552615

Track 10

Leonard Krieger Canal Center GPS: 41.431130, -81.662667

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